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The best running accessories

While other training regimes might require specific training equipment, some of which can be quite expensive, running is much more simple when it comes to this. You don’t need any fancy equipment if you are thinking of running. Maybe you think that a new pair of running shoes you’ve seen on TV will help you run faster, but a secret of a good runner, including the likes of Ussein Bolt and Asafa Powell is hard work and training and not fancy equipment


1. Running shoes

Of course, you can’t even think about running without having proper running shoes. Don’t go running in just any shoes, that will only lead to injury. You don’t need to buy the most expensive pair, just make sure they feel comfortable. If you bought new ones, than you might start slowly to allow them to adjust to your feet.


2. Running clothes

There is a very good reason why people don’t run in suits. A simple t-shirt and shorts will suffice, you don’t need anything expensive. However, don’t forget that you will be sweating a lot, so make sure that you wear something that will allow you to perspire naturally. Also, don’t forget to wear cotton socks (at least 85% of cotton).

3. Bottle

You will need to be well hydrated during your running course. This is why you should always have a bottle of water with you. Energy drinks are okay, but I would still recommend that you fill it with good old water. Do not fill it with stuff like Coke, you can drink that when you get back.


4. Knee support

This is very important if you had a knee injury or just have bad knees. Using knee support will lessen the chance of injury. With it, you won’t have to fear for your knee and can run more relaxed. Also, you it will make sure that you develop better running mechanics.


5. Hat

Personally, I don’t wear a hat when running, but if the sun i bothering you, go ahead and wear it, especially when the sun is at its strongest. Although, I think it’s better to avoid running altogether if its too hot outside. Personally, I prefer running early in the morning instead of waiting for the sun to come up.


6. Sunglasses

Useful for both protecting you against sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Wearing these will protect your eyes from any dust particles that might get into them. Is a definite must if you are thinking of running during a windy period. Also, make sure that they fit well to your head or you will have to adjust them all the time while running.

7. Running watch

A running watch can help you monitor your progress. This can be a nice way to motivate yourself as you will know just how much more time you have to finish your running distance. Newer models also have a GPS system that gives you your current location, which is very handy if you are running in an unfamiliar environment

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